Category: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

Electromagnetic fields and waves: Preface

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves: Preface

Aim of the study element

To explain the basic concepts of electrostatics, magnetism, electromagnet waves and fields, and to use this knowledge to solve complex electrical engineering problems, electrical devices and materials analysis.

Learning outcome

Having successfully completed this element you will be able:

  • Understand and use the concepts of electrostatics.
  • Understand and use the concepts of magnetism.
  • Analyse electrical and magnetic
  • Use main electro- and magnetostatic rules and theorems applied to real situations.
  • Apply Maxwell equations to circuits.
  • Use mathematical tools for circuits in an electromagnetic environment.

Covered topics

  • Electric field – Columb law.
  • Gauss theorem.
  • Work in electrostatic fields.
  • Conductors in electrostatic fields.
  • Electric fields in insulators.
  • Magnetic fields in a vacuum.
  • Magnet induction.
  • Electromotive force.
  • Magnetic fields in compounds.
  • Maxwell theory.