Category: Robotics

Robotics: Preface

Robotics: Preface

Aim of the study element

To provide an introduction to main concepts of robotics like robot kinematics, dynamic, vision and sensing. This element covers programming and design aspects of robotics systems, and some industrial applications for robots.

Learning outcome

Having successfully completed this element you will be able to:

  • Be familiar with robotic concepts and structure of robotic systems.
  • Perform kinematic analysis in robotics.
  • Perform programming for robotics.
  • Be familiar with computer manufacturing systems.
  • Perform a robotics design in accordance with your tasks.

Covered topics

  • Basics concepts in robotics.
  • Classification and structure.
  • Kynematic analysis.
  • Drives and control systems.
  • Programming for robotics.
  • Robotics applications.