Category: Electromechanics

Electromechanics: Preface

Electromechanics: Preface

Aim of the study element

To introduce the principles of electromechanical energy conversion, to give a description of the most important electromechanical devices, and an explanation on how to characterise and use them for a given application.

Learning outcome

Having successfully completed this element you will be able to:

  • Analyse the energy characteristics of electric circuits.
  • To characterise solenoid characteristics and its functions in a circuit, and to use linear analysis for electromechanical tranducers.
  • To understand the energy conversion process in circuits.
  • To understand the principles of operation of AC and DC motors and generators.
  • To calculate and interpret the data of electric machines.
  • To understand and describe the characteristics of some single-phased, switch reluctance and other motors.
  • To select the appropriate motor for a particular application.

Covered topics

  • Principles of electromechanics.
  • Introduction to electric machines.
  • Special electric machines.