Boost your engineering knowledge with these online courses

From the Metaverse, to artificial intelligence, different terms are thrown around within the world of engineering. As a student engineer, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and advancement.

During an era of continuous technological development, you can use online courses to give yourself an edge compared to others. What’s more, online courses can help you find a niche area of interest and give you something to do in your free time that’s also beneficial to your career. Student Circuit highlights online courses you could try to boost your knowledge in the field and differentiate from others.

Build a Raspberry Pi robot buggy

Learn to build and program a robot buggy using a Raspberry Pi, learning how to connect motors, add sensors and write algorithms. The course begins by teaching you how to connect motors to your Raspberry Pi and how to write a Python program to control them to move your buggy. It also allows you to examine the wider context of modern robotics and think about how robotics affects society. Access here.

MedTech: AI and medical robots

Do you have an interest in medical technology? This course explores human robot interaction, delving into the fascinating world of robotics and artificial intelligence in healthcare. You will learn what robots are and explore human robot interaction in healthcare. Also, you’ll identify the challenges of designing robots for healthcare and look at what medical technology scientists are doing to solve them, Access here.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a highly requested skill set in the current job market. This course will kickstart your journey in virtual reality allowing you to develop your knowledge and create your own VR application by providing a sound introduction to the topic. It comes from the University of London. Access here.

Introduction to augmented reality and ARcore

Learn the fundamentals of augmented reality with this course. It also teaches how to build an AR experience using ARCore. The four weeks will also teach you how to identify different types of AR experiences, tools and platforms used in the AR landscape, popular use cases and the next steps to building an AR experience. Access here.

Understand the basics of machine learning

This course helps to understand the basics of machine learning and how its helping improve lives and grow businesses. It teaches the technologies and applications behind machine learning and how it can be used to do incredible things. Access here.

Understand the basics of code

Do you need to brush up on your coding? This course goes back to basics, teaching what code is, why so many languages exists and how they are matched to achieve specific tasks. You’ll also learn why having a basic understanding of code could be beneficial to you. Access here.

E-learning for engineers at all career levels

The Institution of Engineering and Technology offers a place for engineers to access trusted, expert-led courses covering a variety of technical and professional subjects. There is something for everyone, from apprentices to experiences senior engineers. You can gain an in-depth understanding of a specialist subject including AI, smart grids, and electrical design calculations. Access here.