Top 4 Master’s degrees in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Europe

artificial intelligence degrees

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are among the most popular career paths students would like to take nowadays. Let’s see what are the top-3 universities delivering  master degree in Machine Learning in Europe with great opportunity to build a career on the edge of technology.

  1. Zurich ETH and it’s Master degree Neural Systems and Computation. This programme brings students multidisciplinary approach onto problems of artificial intelligence systems. Students will work on the edge of multiple disciplines, like engineering, physics, computer sciences, cognitive sciences, mathematics, and medical sciences. MsC Neural System and Computation offer several core modules, including instrumentation and measurement, neuroinformatics, neuroengineering and other neurotechnologies, and elective modules – electrical engineering, cognitive science, neuroeconomics, computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence, physics, neuroscience, mathematics and physics. During the program, students will do independent research and their master thesis. Detailed description Master’s degree Neural Systems and Computation.
  2. Technical University of Munich offers students masters degree of Robotics, Cognition and Intelligence. This is a cutting-edge degree with multidisciplinary approach, combining engineering disciplines and cognitive science. Robotics, Cognition and Intelligence unique programme gives students scientific knowledge and and trains them for practical design of complex robotic systems. Robotics, Cognition and Intelligence programme consists of compulsory modules, including computer vision, machine learning, autonomous systems, robot motion planning, image understanding, artificial intelligence; and range of elective modules – informatics, mechanical and electrical engineering.  This programme also establishes a background for further PhD thesis. Detailed description Master’s degree Robotics, Cognition and Intelligence.
  3. KTH Royal Technical University offers it’s students Master’s programme in Machine Learning. KTH Machine Learning programme is focusing on developing algorithms for following further patterns, and make predictions using empirical data. This programme delivers knowledge about mathematical and statistical foundations and methods for ML. KTH Machine Learning degree gives real experience how to solve real-world problems in a large range of applications. Core subjects of Machine Learning programme are machine learning, artificial intelligence, and research methodology. Elective modules are theoretical machine learning and machine learning application domains. Students are offered to learn in detail one of the following courses – Deep Learning in Data Science, Image Analysis and Computer Vision, Speech and Speaker Recognition, Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Architectures, Robotics and Autonomous Systems. Detailed description of Master’s degree in Machine Learning.
  4. Imperial College London offers Master Degree Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence course deliver training in the programming and artificial intelligence fundamentals. It includes  range of core modules like ethics, privacy and artificial intelligence in society, Python programming and program design, and elective modules – deep vision and computer vision, mathematics for machine learning, robotics, logic-based learning, advanced robotics and others. Detailed description of Master’s degree Artificial Intelligence.