Open AI project receives investment from Microsoft

Microsoft sponsoring OpenAI

OpenAI project receives investment support of Microsoft of $1bn for building artificial general intelligence (AGI). OpenAI will build a hardware and software platform basing on Microsoft Azure to scale AGI. Azure AI will become a cloud provider with supercomputer technologies.

Open AI team will develop a system that is capable to master different fields of studies on the expert-level, mastering it without big manual engineering work we used to apply developing computer vision, speech recognition, robotic control and other tools. Future AGI will be a supercomputing tool, combining completely different industries. This tool will bring huge economical advantage, solving complex and multi-disciplinary problems, including global challenges.

OpenAI producing a range of powerful AI technologies that require massive computational capabilities. Microsoft delivering this computational power, becoming Open AI preferred partner.

Open AI still have to make a long way in order to create their superpowerful technological tool, AGI, that requires a lot of engineering and AI research, massive computational work and technical challenges.

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Credit: “Microsoft invests in partners with OpenAI to support us building beneficial AGI”, Greg Brockman.