Top engineering schools in USA and how to choose the one

top elelctrical engineering schools in USA and how to choose university

Thinking about career in electrical engineering industry, it’s important to choose the best school for you, that will give you enough knowledge and experience to grow yourself as a specialist. Electrical/electronics engineer is considered one of the most paid and stable profession in USA. This degree will brig you high-rating career opportunities, and personal and professional growth.

So what are the best electrical engineering schools is USA?

  1. MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    • 10 departments across School of Engineering, including Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department;
    • MIT offers 18 student residencies, having 12707 employees, 1056 professors, class 2022 – 21706 applicants and 1464 admits.
    • MIT mission is to advance knowledge and educate students at STEM and other areas scholarship.
    • Institute is committed to generate and safe the knowledge, and work with others to bring this knowledge to solve real-world challenges.
    • MIT in total comprises 90 Nobel laureate, 59 National Medal of Science Winners, 29 National Medal of Technology and Innovations Winners.
  2. UC Berkeley, University of California-Berkeley.
    • 14 faculties, including Engineering & Computer Science;
    • University comprises 25 engineering departments within Engineering & Computer Science faculty;
    • In total UC Berkeley offers more than 350 degree programs in different fields;
    • 23% of University students are freshmen, and 21% – transfer students;
    • UC Berkeley comprises 270 community organisations with student involvement;
    • 71% of undergraduate classes are held with less that 30 students;
    • 32% freshmen students received Pell Grants;
    • UC Berkeley library comprises 31 Nobel Prizes.
  3. Stanford University, is one of the world’s leading research universities.
    • University encounters 7 schools, including School of Engineering;
    • 9 Departments across School of Engineering, including Electrical Engineering and Computer Science;
    • Stanford University has 7083 undergraduates and 9437 graduates enrolled;
    • 97% of undergraduates live on campus;
    • Stanford comprises 2240 faculty members, with 5:1 student faculty ratio;
    • University conducting more than 6000 externally funded projects;
    • 17 Nobel laureates.
  4. Georgia Tech, Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the leading research university committed to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology.
    • 6 Colleges, including College of Engineering with 9 schools including Electrical and Computing Engineering school;
    • Georgia Tech College of Engineering has 493 faculty members, 28 National Academy of Engineering members;
    • 13299 students are currently enrolled;
    • Georgia Tech include 150 labs, centres and affiliate programs involving students in research;
    • All undergraduate and graduate programs are ranked in the top 10 by US News;
    • Georgia Tech is one of the top producer of engineering PhDs in USA.

Besides reading the key facts and figures about university you always have to go through the programs they offer and fields of study they work at. Try to visit open days and speak to the faculty members and staff or currently enrolled students about research work they are conducting. Very possibly you will find some topics especially interesting.  It is also important to set up a first contact with people you are going to work and study, to see if you feel comfortable in this environment.

At the end, not everything is only about studies. Every university has a huge possibilities for their students to conduct active sport life and massive amount of students organisations to boost their social life.