KTH researches developed technology that can change our life

KTH Lab on chip

Researchers from Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm has developed device for lab-on-chip (LOC) technology that can make a revolution in our everyday lives.

The low cost invention of researchers can store liquids, used for a range of diagnostic LOC platforms, and  can be also applied for packaging food, cosmetics and chemicals.

Lab-on-chip technology will transform healthcare laboratories, as we know them, into small, inexpensive, portable chip, that is capable to perform several complex tests simultaneously.

The main features of LOC device is a storage and dispense liquids on a chip. This device also performs filtering, separation and mixing different liquids. It unites all this functions into one small physical device, without complex components.

“We have shown that our simplified micro-dispenser performs different operations without sacrificing scalability or compatibility across different fluidic platforms,” says Aman Russom, professor at KTH’s Science for Life Laboratory research centre and head of KTH’s Division of Nanobiotechnology.

Lab-on-chip device can easily perform simple health-related analysis tests, like measuring concentrations of different constituents in blood.

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