Join international competition “Mining the future” today

Join international competition "Mining the future" today

A key recommendation of last year’s update to the European Strategy for Particle Physics is that Europe, in collaboration with the worldwide community, should undertake a feasibility study for a next-generation hadron collider at the highest achievable energy, with an electron-positron collider as a possible first stage. As a result, the Future Circular Collider (FCC) Feasibility Study is committed to investigating the technical and financial viability of such a facility at CERN.

As part of this study, the EU-funded FCC Innovation Study (FCCIS) will deliver a design and implementation plan for the new research infrastructure, consisting of a circular tunnel with a circumference of 90 to 100 kilometres and eight to 12 surface sites.

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Source: “Mining the Future”, Panagiotis Charitos & Johannes Gutleber, CERN News