White paper of Georgia Tech IoT research center

White paper of Georgia Tech IoT research center

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Centre for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) announces the release of a white paper that offers some pathways for business leaders as they explore digital transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The study gives context for IoT and Digital Business Transformation (DBT) relative to ongoing digital change bounded on one hand by the basic digitalization of information and processes and, on the other, the broader digital societal transformation that will enable a connected and digitally engaged society.

“The paper focuses on the business reinvention, opportunities and impacts brought about by pervasive digital change (across people, process, technology & environment) for which IoT technologies play a key role. It also explores some of the key DBT challenges, especially around IoT implementation and scale, and suggests frameworks for improving the approach to and efficacy of DBT programs and their IoT elements,” said Michelle Mindala-Freeman, former Vice President in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology Practice at Capgemini, CDAIT Visiting Scholar and incoming Chair of the CDAIT IoT Thought Leadership Working Group.

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Source: “Georgia Tech Internet of Things research centre releases white paper on digital transformation”, Denise Ward, Georgia Technology Institute