This post answers the question “How does surge suppression work?”. When an engineer wants to provide the highest level of safety and reliability of your electrical devices, then surge suppression devices might be the best option. It’s common to have electrical disturbances. When an engineer wants to safeguard valuable electrical devices, he must use a surge suppression device. Because it ensures the lifespan of the electrical devices protecting them from surges. 

A surge suppression device is a kind of protective device that protects your electrical equipment from sudden damage or a voltage surge that can spoil your expensive electrical equipment in just a millisecond.

The sudden rise in excessive voltage is called the voltage surge. It occurs when the overvoltage rises in between both phases. It can destroy the expensive electrical equipment in just less than a second.

A typical surge suppression device passes the electrical current to the plugged-in devices. But its main duty is to protect the devices from damage by the sudden increase of voltage.

A surge suppression device is designed with a metal oxide varistor(MOV) that diverts the excessive voltage and receives the balanced power level.

But when the MOV detects a higher level of voltage than its consistent level, it protects the devices reducing the resistance and when it finds the lower voltage level it keeps the balance increasing the resistance.

There are mainly two types of surge suppression device components and they are voltage limiting and voltage switching components. The voltage limiting components increase or decrease the resistance with the changing of voltage. That results in the clamping of the transient voltage.

On the other hand, the voltage switching components work when the voltage limit is exceeded. Most of the surge suppression devices work using both component types.

When an engineer wants to protect valuable electrical equipment like computer, laptop, refrigerator, air conditioner, smartphone, and so on from voltage surge or spikes, then it’s necessary to use a surge suppression device. It will protect your plugged-in devices from being damaged.

The surge suppression device or surge protector device (SPD) provides the most efficient type of overvoltage protection. It eliminates overvoltages and keeps safe electrical and electronic devices from being damaged.