Improving your LinkedIn profile for the New Year

LinkedIn social media

Does your LinkedIn profile need a makeover ready for the New Year? Student Circuit has got you covered, bringing our top tips on how to improve your profile to ensure you stand out.

Many people underestimate the value of LinkedIn. LinkedIn acts as an active, online personal profile, representing you as a person within the industry. It also allows you to make industry connections, keep up to date on latest trends and news, and even apply for jobs.

All the below tips are worthwhile! Let us know if you give any a try.

1. Ensure your profile picture is suitable

This is how people are introduced to you, meaning it creates a first impression. Ensure the picture is up to date, noticeably you, and ensure your face takes up 60% of the frame.

2. Add a background image

This helps to grab people’s attention and demonstrates what is important to you, and your values. It also helps your profile stand out and remain memorable.

3. Ensure your headline shows off who you are

It does not need to just state your job title. Use the headline field to say more about your job role, your future goals and what gets you excited.

4. Fill our your summary

This is your opportunity to tell your story. Don’t just list your skills or job titles. Highlight why your skills matter, what experience you have, anything you are particularly proud of. This is a chance to let your personality shine through.

5. Grow your network

Reach out to friends, colleagues, family members, industry professionals, influencers and anybody else relevant to your industry. As you move along in your career, your network will grow naturally as you encounter more people, but researching relevant people is a good place to start.

6. List relevant skills

This is such an easy step! Scroll through the list of skills on LinkedIn and identify those relevant to you. This will compliment what you have written about yourself in your headline and summary, providing a platform for other people to endorse you.

7. Endorse other peoples skills in the hopes people endorse yours

Look at your network. Are there any connections that you feel deserve an endorsement? It could be someone you studied with, at any level, or worked with at any job. If you endorse someone’s skills, this could be a trigger for them to endorse your own.

8. Take a skills assessment

Skills assessments allow you to demonstrate the skills you have, allowing your skills to become verified. According to LinkedIn, candidates with verified skills are 30% more likely to be hired for job roles over people who don’t.

9. Re-share content relevant to your field

Don’t be afraid to let your voice come out. Share your thoughts and opinions on relevant trends and current affairs. Like and comment on posts to ensure you play an active role in the network.

10. Follow relevant industry professionals

Following relevant influencers and professionals ensures relevant, interesting content appears on your feed, giving you more opportunities to share something that strikes you. This enables greater conversations and engagement on your profile. You can also use these connections to gain industry insight, have great conversations and even come across a perfect job role.