Join Imperial College Global Summer school 2019

Imperial College London is hosting this summer two-weeks intensive program for student of 16 and 17 years old. Students can choose between science, engineering. medicine and business. 

During these two weeks students will gain knowledge attending lectures, seminars and workshops. Being in the University environment you can get professional advice, guidance, and also apply to study in the University.

First week you will attend lectures and seminars, communicate with academics staff and researches, ask ongoing questions. Second week is a team challenge. Students will gather in teams to apply knowledge they’ve got to apply for solving real-world problems.

Students will gain skills they will need at University, like presenting, team work, show their creativity.

At the end of the week the exhibition of group projects will be held, with winner award ceremony.

Subjects of the summer school include:

  • Engineering. Students will explore engineering subjects from Imperial’s Faculty of Engineering to develop engineering skills,. The sessions will include Earth science, civil engineering, material sciences, design engineering, mechanical and chemical engineering.
  • Medical and life sciences. Students will explore subjects of the Faculty of Medicine and Department of Life sciences, with lectures, seminars, labs and workshops, will work with real equipment and gain practical skills.
  • Physical sciences. Students will learn physics and mathematical concepts, using seminars, labs and workshops. Program will include programming classes to gain relevant theoretical and practical knowledge.

The desired students should have:

  • wish to grow their STEM skills and knowledge;
  • strong English language skills;
  • excellent academic results.

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