MIT summer program makes students ready for research career

MIT offers summer programmes, making high-school students ready for their university degrees.
MITES (Minority introduction to engineering and science). This is a six-week programme for students who will start their career in science, engineering and entrepreneurship. The course include mathematics (integration, differentiation, complex numbers, trigonometry and other topics), life sciences (biology, chemistry and biochemistry), physics, humanity sciences and several elective topics (architecture, computer science, electronics, genomics, and engineering design).
Applications for summer 2020 will be opened in November 2019. The programme is free of charge. The maximum amount of attendees is 80.
RSI (Research science institute). This is a six-week preparation course for STEM students who want to enhance their knowledge in mathematics, science, and engineering. This programme delivers vast amounts of information from cancer research to theoretical studies. The programme is free of charge. The maximum amount of attendees is 70.
SSP (Summer Science Programme). This is a six-week research project focused on astrophysics or biochemistry. Project locations are in Colorado, New Mexico and Indiana. The astrophysics project is aimed at determining near-earth asteroid images and their orbit. The biochemistry project is related to fungal enemy inhibition discovery.
WTP (Woman’s Technology Programme). This is a four-week academic programme aimed at female high-school students who are starting their career in engineering. Course students will have hands-on classes, labs and team projects around electronics engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering. The number of participants is 40.
Other MIT summer courses include science, research and maths programmes, the entrepreneurial innovation course, LaunchX, radar and others. Read details here.