Imaging, robotics, simulations, solar cells researches to be funded

Imaging robotics simulations solar cells researches to be funded

Four more research projects at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) are to receive funding in the form of Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council (ERC). The topics range from new materials for solar cells, imaging technology for nerve cell activity and realistic simulations of physical processes to new control technology approaches to man-machine-cooperation.

The prestigious ERC Grants are awarded in various categories. ERC Consolidator Grants are open to researchers with between seven and 12 years’ experience since completion of a doctorate. The projects can receive up to 2 million euros in funding. The four announced awards brings the number of ERC Grants obtained by TUM scientists to a total of 121.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sandra Hirche (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Control engineering is the basis for controlling modern autonomous systems – from heating to robots: Control rules decide how a system will follow an instruction, reacts to unforeseen influences and ensures that its function is performed reliably. In safety-critical applications, a mathematical proof of the reliability of the control system is indispensable. This can be carried out using as exact a model as possible. That approach meets its limits, however, in complex systems that are not easily modeled. 

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Source: “ERC Consolidator Grants awarded”, Technical University of Munich