This post answers the question of “What do yo mean by computational thinking?”. CT is a phenomena, or approach that is used in a variety of industries and applications. Among them are: applied physics, applied mathematics, genetics, astronomy, medicine, law, lingustics and many others. Nowadays every scientific research involves methods of CT. 

CT is related to computer science, as they both include abstract and concrete ideas, and universal applicability. Computational thinking is a process of defining the problem and formulating automated solutions.

In accordance to the author Karl Beecher, core concepts of CT are:

  • algorithmic thinking;
  • logical thinking;
  • decomposition;
  • generalisation;
  • pattern formation;
  • modelling;
  • abstraction;
  • evaluation.

Another concepts that are also used in CT are data representation, critical thinking, automation, computer science, simulation and visualisation.

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