Dive into quantum information with ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich, one of the oldest and famous Swiss universities, is offering a short-term summer programme for passionate students who are interested in electronics and quantum computing, called Quantum information for developers or QuID 2019.

Quantum information is alternative way to store information, different from the one, we used to use. In case of quantum information – information is stored in the system using qubits, quantum information careers. Qubits are having two states, similar to programmable logic. This technology can be used to transport information between particles in space, encrypt messages, and build new powerful computers.

Zurich ETH summer-school dates are 8th-12th September 2019. This second quantum information summer school will take place at ETH Zurich. There are a variety of attendees that are accepted for participation, among them undergraduate and masters students in physics and computer science, PhD students in physics and computer science, and software developers.

This programme will consist of two parts – lectures and quantum computing tutorials. The lectures are conducted on various topics related to quantum computing in basic and advanced levels. The tutorial portion will consist of tutorials and programming on several platforms such as Microsoft Q#, ETH ProjectQ, and IBM Qiskit.

Read the details and register for event here.