Are you are student, garduate or thinking about PhD degree? Join BMW today.

Are you passionate about cars? Are you passionate about technology? Are you a student? Then it’s time to join the BMW Group apprenticeship and study programmes for graduates. Automotive giant, and one of the world’s leading manufacturers, is offers opportunities to pupils and students who have just graduated from school, college, university, or is conducting thesis work.

For those pupils who want to work in the automotive industry, but have not had a chance to get experience, BMW offers apprenticeships that will engage a student’s skills and talents and bring social benefits. Apprenticeships are available at Technology and Production, IT and Business, Administration and Service. Apprenticeship positions are available in Germany, Austria and the UK.

BMW Group offers dual studies for current students in different types of education and programmes. You can undertake a dual curriculum, study with in-depth practical experience, or include integrated training to your studies. With a dual curriculum, you will take a certain study course at one of the university partners, and earn a bachelor degree and professional qualification at the end.

Students have the opportunity to study with in-depth practical experience at one of the partner universities and complete practical tasks in a relevant field of industry at BMW. As a result you will earn extended practical knowledge from BMW experts.

Studies with integrated training is offered now only in the field of insurance and finance, studying at one of BMW partner university, getting bachelor degree and commercial qualification.

Another option is an internship. It is set up for a short period of time, but offers an opportunity to learn a lot about various occupations and careers, and make a decision on whether a company and profession correspond to your expectations and needs. Internships are available at various locations around Germany.

BMW as well offers opportunities for current students, and those who plan to obtain a degree. So if you are planning to obtain a technical degree, BMW can be a great place to go and get a pre-study experience. You can still do it if you are current student. Alll you need is to be enrolled for studies in university for one of the program of arts or applied sciences

Opportunities for a working students are covering longer period of time that apprenticeship, and can be very valuable addition to studies.

BMW as well offers professional support to students who are conducting their bachelor or master thesis.

BMW also offering a range of scholarship programs:

Fastline  programme is designed to deliver deep technical experience and self-development opportunities. Participating the program, you will receive a stipend, complete two practical assignments, will have professional support from your mentor, accomplish qualification modules, participate at team projects and start permanent position.

Speedup, programme for bachelor students. Students from selected universities and study courses can join the program. Conducting this program you  will continue your education process and gain extensive work experience, important part of the program is to be assigned at one of the BMW Group locations abroad for one semester, you will receive metorship support during this programme, and support your thesis work, you will be offered a stipend, and obtain your bachelor degree.

BMW Group supports PhD students as well, offering them ProMotion programme, where you will conduct your PhD research work and enjoy work at innovative company. After PhD qualification garduate will have a chance to build a further career at BMW Group. ProMotion programme is designed for three years, besides research work you will  have netwrking opportunities with BMW executives. PhD student will receive professional support and specialised training, and in addition – a multidisciplinary qualification. You be offered to complete  several practical assignments in different departments, that can be as well conducted abroad. You will join a scientific network, the doctoral candidate group,  BMW Group initiative for doctoral candidates.
To apply for studies and internships with BMW Group send a CV or apply via job assistant here.