Element14 community’s ‘Learning Circuit’ helps students across Europe learn with micro:bit

Element14 community's 'Learning Circuit' helps students across Europe learn with micro:bit

The series of how-to videos featuring micro:bit are part of the element14 Community’s ‘element14Presents: The Learning Circuit’ video series. In these instructional videos, host Karen Corbeill takes viewers through different ways to learn and explore with the BBC micro:bit. These short videos teach users how to apply the BBC micro:bit to their designs and offer instruction and advice on bringing projects to life.

Karen Corbeill, who hosts the series, says: “Getting started with electronics can be quite daunting. The BBC micro:bit is a great gateway tool with an amazing number of features for such a low price point. From being able to program using code blocks or simply clipping on accessories without having to solder or even just grabbing a piece of pre-programmed code, it’s a wonderful way to get newbies hooked on electronics.”

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