Nonindustrial types of robots

nonindustrial types of robots

This post tells about nonindustrial types of robots. Nonindustrial types of robots are used in variety applications like architecture, logistics, household, consumer and others.

We can divide nonindustrial robots into 4 groups:

  • mobile robots;
  • exoskeletons;
  • walking machines;
  • prostheses.

Mobile robots has a variety of applications nonindustrial robots type, they can differentiate by their drive force as wheel-type and crawler tracks.

Ways to control mobile robots are:

  • remotely controlled mobile robot by wires or radio;
  • programmed mobile robot or autonomously controlled;
  • guided by rails or other ways.

Mobile robots can operate in various situations like harmful and harsh environment, remote location; can handle dangerous, and hazardous objects.

Exoskeletons are wearable devices that work together with a human, they act as an amplifier for human actions in environments where normally movements are hindered. Exoskeletons are made of rigid or soft materials depending on the application, they are also equipped with sensors and actuators, they can cover the entire human body or only parts of body. Main purposes of exoskeleton usecases are:

  • amplify human muscular activity;
  • free human skeleton from unnecessary loads;
  • feedback about manipulated object measurements.

Exoskeletons are often has double layer structure, where internal layer is responsible for control mechanism and designed to interact with manipulator. The external layer follow internal layer movements and amplify them.

Walking machines is a type of exoskeleton.

Prostheses is are the combination of the walking machines and exoskeletons used by human who damaged or lost the limb. It is important for prostheses to be light-weight with short time between command and action. The easiest way to make this idea truth is to use bioelectricity and relevant muscles amplification.

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