KTH is ranked 58th worldwide in graduate employability

KTH is ranked 58th worldwide in graduate employability

KTH now ranks 58th worldwide in graduate employability, according to a survey published this week by Times Higher Education. KTH’s ranking expert, Per-Anders Östling, provides some insight into this latest survey.

The Global University Employability Ranking 2019 was conducted by HR consultancy Emerging, with support from research company Trendence, and published exclusively by Times Higher Education. According to KTH’s ranking expert, Per-Anders Östling, the ranking is based in part on a questionnaire answered by 3,300 staff recruiters from 23 countries in 2019. The evaluation also takes into account previous survey results, and ultimately combines responses from 8,000 people.

Östling says the survey shows that KTH has a strong international brand in terms of its reputation among companies worldwide. Nevertheless, he believes the approach of such surveys is usually flawed.

“The quality of this type of measurement usually leaves some things to be desired – as it does in this case,” he says. The vast majority of votes are concentrated among a small number of universities at the top of the list, so even slight variations in answers can have an outsized effect on the positions of remaining universities, he says.

“This ranking should be taken with a grain of salt, even if it demonstrates KTH’s strong reputation.”

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Source:”Reputation and market demand for engineers factor into high employability ranking”, David Callahan, KTH Royal Institute of Technology