What is a runtime adoption engine?

What is a runtime adoption engine

This text explains what is a runtime adoption engine.

A runtime engine is software that runs in order to the applications on the computer to beexecute. For instance, all programming language interpreters can be called runtime engines. Because they converted the program into machine language from the original source code or the interim language. Besides, runtime engines offer basic routines and working processes that the applications need.

In this sense, the operating system may be called a runtime engine as it’s always necessary for running the device. In fact, the operating system is the essential runtime engine.

Runtime Engine Examples

  • A JavaScript runtime engine. It’s a part of every Web browser. 
  • Java programs (not the same as JavaScript). It requires the Java Virtual Machine to run. 
  • In a Windows PC, Visual Basic programs need the VB runtime module VBRUNxxx.DLL (xxx here the version number). 
  • Microsoft’s .NET platform applies the Common Language Runtime (CLR) engine to organize .NET applications into machine language (see CLR). 

What are the uses of a runtime engine?

Certain applications depend on the runtime engine to run on the computer. It offers common routines and functions that the application indeed needs and it usually converts the program into the machine language which was exactly the interim, intermediate language.

Information about programming units can be attached to the structure. For instance, classification meta-data, programmer ID, text key-words, etc. can be attached to classes, routines, modules, etc. as required.

One can display the information in various ways. For instance, I always loved the way Pascal (and OOPascal) put the modifiers and types after the variable declaration instead of before (like in Java). If the program is in a structure, then whether these labels are displayed before or after is a “report writer” detail. One can tweak their view to how they see fit. 

Knowing the schema of the run-time engine will help one better understand the language. They might also recognize how their program is translated into structures. It’s like a washing machine with a glass door instead of an opaque one.