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RARUK are recruiting for a Robotics Engineering Apprenticeship

RARUK Automation is searching for a young engineer with a passion in robotics to become a long-standing member of its robotics division.

Who is RARUK Automation?

RARUK Automation specialises in delivering automation products aimed at boosting productivity across various industries. As the exclusive Gold Distributor for Universal Robots in the UK, an esteemed MiR Excellent Partner, and a recognised Robotiq Expert Partner, RARUK certainly stands out.

Its array of products spans collaborative and mobile Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), traditional industrial robots, as well as automated storage solutions. This comprehensive product lineup empowers RARUK to offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), systems integrators, and manufacturers an unparalleled selection of both off-the-shelf and customised automation remedies.

At its dedicated technology centre, seasoned engineers provide technical assistance, conduct application trials, and deliver training, cementing our commitment to exceptional support. Central to RARUK’s reputation is its unwavering commitment to furnishing customers with direct, pragmatic, and technically sound advice. They take pride in suggesting products that synergise effectively to fulfil our customers’ specific requirements.

Requirements for the role

In order to apply for the role, you will need a minimum of 96 UCAS at A-Level or equivalent. Ideally one or more of these would be in a maths, sciences, or computing-based field.

Role responsibilities

Situated at our main headquarters in Shefford and under the guidance of Automation Tech Support, your role will involve assisting our tech support team. You will play a key role in conducting feasibility studies for customer applications and contributing to the successful execution of individual projects. Through your efforts, you will contribute to the continuous enhancement of the company’s grasp and technical expertise related to the products we offer.

A rundown of all the duties within the role:

  • Plan and lead research activities to determine feasibility and applicability of automation solutions.
  • Identify constraints and capture technical requirements for robotics projects.
  • Design processes and parts using computer-aided design.
  • Design sustainable robotic systems to fulfil customer and technical requirements and relevant
  • Create robotic systems that allow for ethical and safe interaction with human users.
  • Develop and integrate human-robot interfaces that allow intuitive and immersive operation of robots by non-robotic-expert users.
  • Analyse and optimise robot system performance using computer simulations.
  • Build, integrate and test functional robot systems.
  • Collect and analyse data from robot sensors and cameras.
  • Integrate and programme robots to perform practical tasks for different working environments.
  • Investigate and diagnose the root cause of faults and implement appropriate solutions.
  • Undertake hazard identification, safety risk assessment and risk mitigation for automated processes.
  • Verify system safety compliance through liaison with accredited safety engineers.
  • Research new ways to use robots and artificial intelligence.
  • Demonstrate finished products to customers and explain operating procedures.
  • Write technical reports and generate presentations on project progress, risks and issues.
  • Understand and account for human emotions such as trust, fear and acceptance in the design and implementation of new systems.

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, you will achieve a ST1317 robotics engineer level 6 certificate.

Find more about the role and apply here.