Student Circuit’s ‘Engineer Your Career’ webinar

Are you an A Level or university STEM student? After the success of Student Circuit’s first webinar at the end of last year, it will be hosting a second on 22nd February 2022 from 5pm.

It is the perfect opportunity to make industry connections and join a conversation about skills within the engineering industry to ensure you are as employable as possible.

The webinar will feature a keynote from Sarah Peers, Head of NMITE’s Academic Skills who will begin by introducing her background and what NMITE stands for. NMITE is working with a new model of engineering higher education. The model is aimed at different and diverse learners, those who want to change the world and who will bring new ways of thinking, creativity and innovation to engineering and technology. Sarah will then focus on the necessary skills that its employer partners within the industry are looking for, opening the conversation up to the panel of startups.

The panel, hosted by Startups Magazine’s Editor, Anna Flockett, will then discuss their startup journey’s, provide students with an insight into the industry, and any advice to engineers.

So far, the confirmed panellists are Nuria Manuel, CEO and Founder of Veriom, Alice Lieutier, Head of Coaching at Makers and Lara Bogatu, Data Scientist at Peak.

Sarah Peers, Head of Academic Skills at NMITE:

Sarah leads on the Academic Skills and Knowhow Centre (ASK). As a learner at NMITE, the ASK provides you with open space to ask for help/support to manage any gaps in your academic skills, to explore developing skills outside the formal MEng requirements and to share your knowhow too.

Sarah’s background is mathematics, including teaching qualifications, with a mechanical engineering PhD in the application of AI and reliability tools to the maintenance of structures. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange (IKE) and is an Advisor to the IKE’s STEM Foundation. She has expertise in skills strategy and policy development for innovation, STEM education and diversity for the engineering and tech sectors. Sarah has over 30 years of engineering education experience at multiple levels and has championed gender equality in STEM since 1992.

Alice Lieutier, Head of Coaching at Makers:

As Head of Coaching at Makers, Alice is focused on creating the best coaching team to change people’s lives and help them find a new career in tech. Before Makers, Alice worked as a software engineer for seven years, including at Facebook in London.

Nuria Manuel, CEO and Founder of Veriom:

Nuria is the Founder and CEO of Veriom, on a mission to help tech businesses predict, monitor, and improve software quality and unmanageable technical debt using data analytics. She’s an advocate for all aspects of diversity in engineering and technology and actively mentor’s young female professionals getting into the tech industry.

Lara Bogatu, Data Scientist at Peak:

Lara is a Data Scientist at decision intelligence company, Peak. She joined in 2020, working as part of the data science operations team alongside retail customers including FootAsylum. Lara recently moved to Peak’s R&D team, where she is responsible for developing innovations and ready-made applications for Peak’s decision intelligence platform. A computer science and software engineering undergraduate, Lara studied Internet Systems Engineering at MSc before undertaking her PhD on Data Integration at The University of Manchester. Her doctoral thesis focused on data integration, specifically gathering data from heterogeneous and disjoint data sources and aligning the data in meaningful ways.

Suitable for a-level and university students, this webinar is not one you want to miss. Join Student Circuit for its first webinar in the engineer your career series at 5pm on Tuesday 22nd February.

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