TUM AI-controlled race car wins Indy Autonomous Challenge

The Indy Autonomous Challenge was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday – a race completely without drivers. Nine teams from universities around the world competed against one another with race cars controlled using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Technical University of Munich (TUM) team made the best time with an average speed of 218 kilometers per hour. That won the young researchers first place and a cash prize of one million US dollars.

The Saturday race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was very unique: The race cars weren’t piloted by humans, but by computers. Universities from around the world were called on to develop systems based on Artificial Intelligence that would make it possible for the cars to drive the track autonomously. The competition was organized by the non-profit Energy Systems Network and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The main objective of the race was to promote the technological development of autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems.

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Source: “TUM wins the Indy Autonomous Challenge”, TUM News