The Center for Data Analytics helps researchers to make the most of their work

The Center for Data Analytics at the University of Basel helps researchers make the most of their data using cutting-edge techniques such as deep learning. The director of the newly founded center, Professor Ivan Dokmanić, explains what his team wants to achieve.

Mr. Dokmanić, has the work of the Center for Data Analytics already started?

We have been setting up the center for about a year now. We hired the first group of analysts and already have several ongoing projects. One is the characterization of liver tumor cells with researchers from the Department of Biomedicine. Another collaboration is with the Department of Social Sciences: we are helping them to map and visualize the socio-economic impact of the Indian film industry in Europe and India. We have also reached out to several people who are doing high-impact research and have been contacted by researchers who are interested in collaboration, among them some start-ups from the region. At the same time, we are busy developing tools and workflows for a variety of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data visualisation methods in close collaboration with our colleagues at sciCORE—the Center for Scientific Computing at the University of Basel.

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Source: “Fantastic research is happening with the help of data analytics”, University of Basel