The Brighter program to bring startups on the international innovation level

The Brighter program to bring startups on the international innovation level

KTH Innovation’s Brighter program brings startups to international innovation environments where they learn what it’s like to operate on a global market. One of these startups is Waves, who participated in the program´s visit to New York last fall. Their idea is a service that helps individuals make investments that maximise their sustainability impact.

An app that enables individuals to make sustainable investments. This was the idea that the startup Waves – Emelie Jin and Alexander Jakobsen, both of them students at the Master Program in Industrial Engineering and Management – planned to work on when they applied to KTH Innovation´s program Brighter. A program where, each year, startups are given an opportunity to test their wings and see if they are ready for an international market.

After an intense week in New York last fall, Emelie Jin and Alexander Jakobsen tweaked their initial idea and dropped the idea of developing an app themselves. Now their service Waves recommends investments that have a major impact on the global development goals.

“We will still target private individuals, but we will do so through the banks. What´s important for us is how we can have the greatest influence and impact. And we think we can do so as a service on banking apps,” Emelie Jin says.

They got valuable feedback

Waves´new focus is a direct response to the feedback they received in New York, where robot financial advice is much more advanced than in Sweden, according to Alex Jakobsen.

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Source: “The Brighter program helps startups succeed internationally”, Hakan Soold, KTH Royal Institute of Technology