Ahold Delhaize joins TU Delft in robotics

Ahold Delhaize joins TU Delft in robotics

Ahold Delhaize is set to join forces with TU Delft, RoboValley and YES!Delft to explore new robotics applications in the retail sector. The work will be based at the AI for Retail (AIR)Lab Delft. The partnership will consist of a research programme into solutions for the entire retail chain, from warehouse and store through to the customer. There will also be a test site in RoboValley, where researchers will be able to build and test robot prototypes with partners, students and start-ups. The test site is expected to open at the start of 2019.

At TU Delft, researchers are working on a new generation of robots that they are teaching to deal with the unpredictability of the ‘real world’. Having robots and humans collaborate effectively and safely in an unstructured environment involves major challenges. These robots will bring together many different scientific and academic disciplines, including mechatronics, control and artificial intelligence, as well as human-machine interaction, ethics and safety technology.

Professor Martijn Wisse, Director of the TU Delft Robotics Institute, and Supervisor of AIRLab Delft, said: “At AIRLab Delft, scientists will study how employees can teach their robots to do repetitive tasks, or develop methods to optimise the motion and coordination of mobile robots and of delivery vehicles. This collaboration with Ahold Delhaize allows us to solve real-world challenges by focusing on fundamental issues in robotics, such as how to learn and safely execute tasks in the context of uncertainty, how to safely navigate and interact in environments shared with humans, and how to efficiently and effectively plan the routes of fleets of last-mile delivery. We are very excited.”

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Source: “Ahold Delhaize and TU Delft join forces in robotics”, TU Delft