Roundtable on AI at EPFL open days

Rountable on AI

EPFL open days, that scheduled for 14-15 of September, will host a public debate on topic “Humans, machines and data: what’s the future of artificial intelligence?”. Talks are organised by School of Computer and Communication Sciences and the College of Humanities.

The roundtable will try to answer several questions:

1. Humanity depending on modern machines and personalised data, and AI working for our advantage or disadvantage?

2. Can owners of AI technology and data be trusted?

The speakers of the roundtable are professors from well-known laboratories in French part of Switzerland, including University of Lausanne, Digital Humanities Lab, Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, Audiovisual Communications and Image and Visual Representation Lab at EPFL.

The detailed information about AI Roundtaible here.