GE supports students and graduates

GE offers internship and leadership programs for students, where they can solve real-life challenges, problems and create innovations that change the world. GE is looking for problem solvers,  pioneers, dreamers and leaders.

GE offers internships in 57 countries around the globe, hiring graduates for their global leadership programs. At the same time GE is very active at university campuses from October till June.

There is 408 interns at the average across all locations. 70% of former interns are participating Leadership Program and 20% of GE Senior Leaders are Leadership Program graduates.

Every year GE hires more than 2000 college graduates for a full-time positions.

GE offers several leadership  programs that suits students with different backgrounds. Among Leadership Programs are the following:

  • Commercial Leadership Programme  dedicated for students who have business or technical background and want to develop customer relationship skills, sales, or sales support skills and solving following issues. This program lasts for two years and incorporates rotation among sales, commercial operation, sales support, product management, marketing strategy, pricing, application engineering.
  • Digital Technology Leadership Programme  is dedicated to interconnecting technology, machines and people around the world. Programme lasts for two years, and incorporating global classroom experience and virtual coursework in software development, information technology, and leadership.
  • Edison Engineering Development Programme is dedicated for graduates with a strong passion for technology and technical excellence. Programme offers students Advanced courses in engineering and business-critical engineering courses. It lasts for two or three years, incorporating rotation among engineering projects.
  • Graduate Engineering Training Programme is about creating innovative solutions that support GE’s industrial business, helping graduates to to obtail crutial technical skills participating in variety of projects. Programme lasts for 2 years, incorporating 3 or more rotations.
  • and some other Leadership Programmes.

Read about all opportunities available for students and graduates here.