Rose-Hulman autonomous vehicle challenge

autonomous vehicle competition

High-School students from Indiana, Tennessee, Texas and Illinois were competing last Monday in autonomous vehicle challenge.

150 high-school students have met performed future automotive technology at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Total amount of teams is 32, they presented 13 schools. Participants should show various skills on their way to the leader status – to design, build and test vehicle prototype with microcontroller and sensor on board. As the result vehicles should drive on various-shaped tracks. Organisers say this is big engineering challenge for kids, being tested in the worst-case scenarios.

The sponsors of the event are NXP Semiconductors, MathWorks and Ford Motors. NXP Semiconductors provided materials for competition. The software was developed by MathWorks. Students used engineering technics of Ford Motors. The competition is expected to attract kids attention to STEM industries.

Overall competition results are: 

1st place – Pope John Paul II High School Knights, Hendersonville, Tennessee

2nd place – Pope John Paul II High School Unicum Nomen, Hendersonville, Tennessee

3rd place – South Vigo High School Botsquad, Terre Haute, Indiana

Read here the details and results.