An overview of buzzer basics

Buzzer basics

A small buzzer is a common feature in electronic products and can provide an effective way of interacting with users or raising an alarm.

Depending on the type and strength of the signals available to drive the buzzer, the physical space available, and the required audio sound pressure level (SPL), a magnetic or piezoelectric type will be the most common options for your application.

One also has the choice between an indicator or transducer design. Indicators have built-in drive circuitry and are easy to design-in but can produce only a single, continuous tone or pulsed output. On the other hand, transducers can produce more complex sounds but need you to provide an excitation waveform and external components for switching and amplification.

This CUI Insights blog guides you through “Buzzer Basics”, including the different types of buzzers, their features, and associated design challenges, to help you choose the most suitable type for your application.

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