Preparations for new AWS center for quantum computing

Preparations for new AWS center for quantum computing

Preparations are under way for the new Amazon Web Services Center for Quantum Computing, scheduled to open in spring 2021.

The two-story, 21,000-square-foot facility will be located on South Holliston Avenue, adjacent to the Pasadena Fire Department station at Holliston and Del Mar Boulevard. Once open, the building will bring together leading researchers and engineers from Amazon, Caltech, and other academic institutions to accelerate advances in quantum computing technology.

Grading and leveling of the site are expected to begin this month, with foundation work to follow pending approval by the City of Pasadena. After the foundation is complete, construction of the building’s steel frame will begin.

As always, the Institute will work to minimize disruption. Crews will follow city construction guidelines as well as COVID-19 safety protocols.

Caltech has a history of breakthroughs in experimental and theoretical quantum science and technology, and has become a leading incubator in the emerging field of quantum engineering, including quantum computing.

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Source: “Preparations Begin for AWS Center for Quantum Computing at Caltech”, California Institute of Technology