New job roles created to provide career enhancing opportunities for recruits

An engineering company has created new job roles built around its staff after a new recruit was promoted into a specially created position to develop her marketing abilities.

Since joining Cumbrian based React Engineering in late June, Ashlea McDonald has made a big impression and her dedication to her work has resulted in a promotion to the newly created position of Brand and Marketing Co-ordinator.

As a result of Ashlea moving into a new role, React has also established the new position of Facilities and Compliance Co-ordinator to combine work on the reception and supporting with security, maintenance and services of company facilities.

The new job positions are further examples of React building roles to fit the talent and skills of its staff as part of its ethos of investing in people.

Ashlea, a Business with Marketing graduate, said: “After speaking to the team at React, I saw the potential for opportunities to develop my career but I’m just shocked that it has happened already.

“This new role will allow me to develop my skills gained during my degree and use them to ultimately promote the brand of React Engineering and build relationships with current and potential clients.

“The team at React has been so friendly and helpful since I’ve joined, and it’s amazing to look at all the exciting career opportunities which exist within the business.

“I’m really thrilled to have been offered the new role and I’m very excited to continue to work to develop the company and promote the great work which is carried out here on a daily basis.”

As part of its ongoing recruitment drive, React Engineering is committing to continue to create job roles which suit the capabilities of its staff members.

Phil Redfern, the Managing Director of React Engineering, said: “Ashlea is the perfect example of moulding job roles and responsibilities around the person. Ashlea has really impressed us all with her enthusiasm and desire to promote the company, and she has great personal skills which make her an ideal fit for us.

“At React, we strive to be a people first employer and we always want to invest in the person and develop their skills to provide better career development opportunities which in turn benefits the business as a whole”.

To apply and to find out more information on the newly created Facilities and Compliance Co-ordinator role and other job opportunities at React Engineering, please contact 01946 813778 or email