Indeed reveals the UK’s best jobs of 2024

Indeed has announced the UK’s best jobs of 2024, based on the factors that matter most to job seekers: opportunity, high salary and flexibility.

Project Managers, who have responsibility for the planning, procurement and execution of projects across a range of industries, take the top spot.

As ongoing skills shortages continue to impact the engineering and construction industries, with almost one-fifth of the current workforce due to retire by 2026 according to the ECITB – Engineer roles take the second spot, with an 18% increase in demand for these roles in the past year. In a related field, Quantity Surveyor roles, a profession blending engineering, construction and economics, come in third.

The list, powered by the world’s largest database of worker and employer behaviour, is designed to help people get jobs, find better work and get hired quicker in 2024 and shows a trend of the best roles focusing on traditionally office-based jobs that can now increasingly be done from home; over half (11) of the 20 roles are in these white-collar professions including Consultants, Management Accountants and Operations Managers.

Of those within the top 20 jobs, Principal Software Engineer (£64,189) has the highest average salary, followed by Doctor (£61,676) and Tax Managers (£57,090). Nurse Assessor (£35,866) roles have the lowest average salary, however, they offer the greatest amount of flexibility to candidates with 82% of roles offering remote or hybrid work. Of the traditionally office-based roles, Regional Sales Manager roles provide the most flexibility, with 24% of positions offering remote or hybrid work.

With four healthcare roles within the top 20, the demand to fill positions is high in the UK. In the ninth position, Nurse Assessors, who conduct comprehensive individual assessments of patients to assess their eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare, have seen a 77% increase in the demand for their role over the past three years. While there has been a 22% increase in demand for Doctors over the past three years, following large volumes of staff movements out of the NHS amid strike action over pay and conditions in recent years.

Danny Stacy, Senior Manager, Talent Intelligence at Indeed, said: “Indeed’s 2024 best jobs highlight a high demand for several white-collar roles, notably those that can be carried out from home, as many workers look to hold onto the flexibility afforded by remote work, despite an increasing number of employers now looking to encourage their teams back to the office.

“This is evident in the shifting balance of power towards employers that we’re starting to see amid the ongoing softening of labour demand. However, we are also seeing persistent skills shortages across both the engineering & construction industries, as well as healthcare, driving many relevant roles to feature on our top 20 list.

“Weighing up what’s important to you in a job, whether that be increased pay or a better work-life balance, will be important for anyone considering a career move in 2024. With the labour market gradually cooling off, considering how your skills align with these in-demand roles will also be a smart move.”

The full ranking of the top 10 jobs in the UK for 2024 are:

  • Project Manager: £45,593 average salary | 19% remote work | 3,259 jobs/1m
  • Engineer: £37,199 average salary | 11% remote work | 3,231 jobs/1m
  • Quantity Surveyor: £47,360 average salary | 12% remote work  | 3,053 jobs/1m
  • Consultant: £53,805 average salary | 12% remote work | 2,231 jobs/1m
  • Management Accountant: £37,129 average salary | 18% remote work | 2,032 jobs/1m
  • Operations Manager: £38,865 average salary | 13% remote work | 1,463 jobs/1m
  • Finance Manager: £44,972 average salary | 19% remote work | 1,449 jobs/1m
  • Contract Manager: £46,327  average salary | 12% remote work | 1,046 jobs/1m
  • Nurse Assessor: £35,866  average salary | 82% remote work | 980 jobs/1m
  • Data Engineer: £53,171  average salary | 37% remote work | 961 jobs/1m