Free online course on AI ethics from TUM

Free online course on AI ethics from TUM

Do carebots care? AI for whom? Will the market deliver? In the new online course AI Ethics: Global Perspectives, 20 experts from various disciplines and countries explore ethical questions arising with the development of artificial intelligence. The lecture series, available free of charge to all, was created by the TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, the New York University and the Global AI Ethics Consortium.

How can data systems be created that consider equity as an essential objective? What role do cultural influences play in the development of artificial intelligence (AI)? What has to change in education to raise awareness of the opportunities and risks of AI?The goal of the lecture series is to examine different perspectives on the societal effects of technologies using AI and Big Data. It is intended to help institutions and individuals in the responsible development and implementation of AI. Consequently, the course is also addressing (future) researchers, politicians and company managers.

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Source: “Free online course on ethics in AI”, TUM News