EPFL spin-off creates award winning virtual reality

EPFL spin-off creates award winning virtual reality

OZWE Games – an EPFL spin-off that develops virtual-reality games – won the 2019 Swiss National Business of the Year Award and will be one of the companies representing Switzerland in the European Business Awards finals on 3–4 December.

In early September, OZWE Games was named Business of the Year at the 2019 European Business Awards. That means it will represent Switzerland in its category in the European Business Awards finals in Warsaw on 3–4 December, going up against 34 other national finalists from across Europe.

Stéphane Intissar, the CEO of OZWE Games, is confident about his company’s prospects: “We have an unconventional business model. Virtual reality is a promising, high-growth market and the number of applications is increasing rapidly – especially in healthcare and architecture. Within this market, OZWE Games has made a name for itself around the world.”

The company is based in Lausanne and has 11 employees. It is an official partner of Oculus, the US maker of virtual reality headsets, which is now owned by Facebook. OZWE’s games are designed for use exclusively with Oculus’ headsets and technology.

Motion-based games without the motion sickness

OZWE Games is specialized in motion-based games, where players move around in a virtual world. The drawback to these games is the motion sickness that some people experience while playing – but the firm has found a solution for that. “Our control system prevents the motion sickness that affects some players,” says Intissar. He won’t say more about the underlying technology, which is a competitive advantage that his company is keeping under wraps.

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Source: “EPFL spin-off makes its mark in virtual reality”, EPFL News, Nathalie Jollien