Educational event for children places microwave technology in spotlight

Bluetest joins forces with tech industry leaders – educational event for children places microwave technology in spotlight 

Fostering curiosity of future engineers and encouraging the innovators of tomorrow in feature educational event in Gothenburg

Gothenburg, April 8th, 2019: Bluetest, market leader in reverberation test system technology for over-the-air (OTA) testing of wireless equipment and antennas, together with Chalmers University of Technology, Ericsson  and Qamcom is participating in  a one-day educational event for school children organised by the Microwave Road  technology community. At special event at the  Gothenburg International Science Festival, leading industry role models  will demonstrate future-oriented microwave technology and share their experiences with school children – future Swedish engineering innovators. 

The event targets 8th grade students and will feature demonstrations of several dynamic technologies being developed in the Gothenburg region, Sweden – a country renowned for its numerous global high-tech and consumer products successes. 

The 5-day International Science Festival in Gothenburg is Northern Europe’s largest science events with 70,000 participants and a unique 12-day school program aimed at promoting a wide variety of professions and technologies for children.

-Bluetest CTO, Robert Rehammar, ” We at Bluetest are excited to contribute to this unique event – to meet the next generation engineers and hear about their dreams, ideas and thoughts on the future. We are aiming to spark conversations and engage – to create an experience that combines education, fun and provides role models for young innovators. ” 

-,”The event will engage young minds with the latest technological advancements and help peak their interest in a wide variety of topics like microwave technology and development opportunities.”