AI ethics moves forward

AI ethics

The European Commission has initiated a pilot phase of the ethical guidelines for Artificial Intelligence (AI), and is built on the work of 52 experts from industry, academia and civil society. The industry and institutes will test the evaluation list created by the High-Level Expert Group.

This project is targeted at making AI more reliable. It consists of three main stages:
• Identifying key requirements;
• Evaluation of the pilot phase of the project;
• International consensus about human-oriented AI.

Reliable AI based on the following principles:

• Despite the fact that AI is supposed to create a stable society, the presence of human is essential;
• AI should be stable and robust enough to deal with errors during its lifetime;
• Citizens should have full control over their personal data and be sure it wont be harmfully used;
• AI systems should be totally transparent;
• AI should increase the positive effect of human activities for society and environment;
• AI systems should be fully accountable .

In June 2019 the European Commission will launch a pilot phase of this project, where authorities, industry companies and organisations can sign up and receive notifications on when the phase will start.

The commission will bring this topic to the international conscious.

Since 2014 the European Commission has already invested significant amounts of money in AI, cognitive systems, robotics, big data and emerging technologies.

• AI-related projects: 2.6bn Euros for the Horizon Programme (robotics, big data, transport and others);
• Smart robotics: 700m Euros for the Horizon Programme and 2.1bn Euros of private investments;
• Skills developments: 27bn Euros through European Structural and Investment Funds (2.3bn Euros for digital skills).

Planned investments until the end of 2020 and after:
• Research and innovation: 1.5bn Euros for the Horizon Programme (2018-2020) – 20bn Euros of private and public investments;
• AI establishment: 20bn Euros/year of public and private investments –
1bn Euros for the Horizon Programme and Digital Europe Programme.