Benefits of Xilinx University Program

Xilinx University Program

Xilinx, manufacturer of FPGA, programmable SoC and ACAP,  conducts a significant amount of work with universities all around the world, and invests in all kinds of products for educational work – for example, Vivado, Zync, SDSoC, MPSoC, UltraScale, and SDAccel.

Xilinx also provides all kinds of technical support for students – from teaching and technical support, to academic boards and partnership programs, and hosting specialised events and conferences.

Both students and professors can join XUP (Xilinx University Program), and gain access to the latest Xilinx technologies, specialised teaching materials, and dedicated workshops.

XUP offers a range of benefits for students. They have online access to Vivado and ISE WebPACK software to start designingXilinx FPGAs. Using this tool students can explore the  design alternatives with the free Vivado/ISE WebPACK software, model and implement digital designs, get support via the forums, access specialised documentation and other resources.

Students can participate in a number of specialised workshops using Vivado and ESI design suites. All the workshop materials can be downloaded. XUP supports a range of development boards for classroom use. Students have free access to the Vivado WebPACK and ISE WebPACK, which contain the basics of FPGA design solutions. Students have access to application notes, technical materials and videos, technical blog and forums in order to discuss their design challenges.

XUP also offer Vivado-based and ISE-based two-day workshops for professors. Professors can gain access to presentation slides and lab materials, and teaching staff can use these materials during their work with students. Teaching materials include Vivado-based digital design using IPI or HDL, and ISE-based digital design using HDL.

Vivado-based digital design using IPI contains a library of functional IP blocks for creating digital designs. The available resources such as tutorial and laboratory materials can be used with XUP supported products. The laboratory material can be used in the introductory course of Digital Design where FPGA technology is included.

The supporting materials include schemes and reference manuals to the digital circuit development platform, Basys3 and Nexus4. Professors also have access to the lab materials that can be used to create laboratory classes for their students. Professors can participate in workshops with Vivado Design Suite and receive support in 7-series, Zinq and UltraScale programmable families. Workshops cover Vivado, Zynq, HLS, Partial Reconfiguration, PetaLinux and DSP topics. Development boards and other materials are provided.

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