Should I let a robot drive my car?

The impact of AI on our future lives is the topic of this month’s Society Matters LIVE event from Aston University at Cafe Artum in Hockley Social Club on Thursday 25th May.

It is predicted that machines in the future will replace humans for specific given tasks such as driving a car, manufacturing, and even health procedures such as operations.

Dr James Pickering, lecturer of control and autonomous systems in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, will discuss the safety of self-driving cars and how they will make ethical ‘choices’ while on the road.

Dr Pickering said: “In the future, autonomous vehicles will have to be programmed with control and AI algorithms so that they are safe and ethical – and behave and react as a human would.

“Autonomous vehicles will be placed in situations where they interact in a safe and ethical manner towards other vehicles, for example, the decision-making involved in leaving a highway junction.

“But then what happens if they are in a situation which will involve an unavoidable collision?

“What ‘choices’ will they make then?”

The event is organised by Aston University and Café Artum at Hockley Social Club as part of the Society matters LIVE series.

Free tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/society-matters-live-should-i-let-a-robot-drive-my-car-tickets-633379634537?aff=erelexpmlt

Earlier this year Aston University announced it was opening up the world of AI to graduates who don’t have a background in science, technology engineering or maths.

Seven scholarships for the MSc Applied AI are being offered to graduates who want to work within sector but don’t have a computer science background.