Five of the best tech career paths

Despite widespread layoffs in the industry, major tech companies have managed to maintain higher staffing levels compared to pre-pandemic times, reflecting a trend observed throughout the sector – is now the time for a tech career path of your own?

A Notable example would be Microsoft, which, as reported by Business Insider, has reduced its workforce by 5% yet still maintains a significantly larger number of employees when compared to the period prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, Alphabet, parent company of Google, saw its headcount at around 135,000 in 2020. Presently, this number now sits at 178,000, a much higher number despite the widely publicised rounds of jobs cuts which have been seen in recent times.

For professionals working in technical roles, or those out there that which to find themselves in them one day, there is positive news as well – they are in considerably high demand. In the face of a widening skills gap, the global talent shortage has reached a 16-year peak.

High sought after positions include software engineers and developers, data analysers, Cloud computing operators, Python and JavaScript programmers, DevOps, and cybersecurity specialists. Additionally, the recent surge in generative AI platforms has created a whole new plethora of demand for skilled professionals in this field.

So where should you decide to take your career? To help with this question, here are five of the best tech-jobs you could steer your tech career path towards. Of course, these are future prospects that are all achievable once a junior level role is acquired.

Data scientist – (Avg. Salary: £80,000 – £100,000)

Data scientists analyse complex datasets in order to extract valuable insights and drive data-driven decision-making. They develop and implement statistical models, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics techniques. Responsibilities also include data cleaning, visualisation, and communicating findings to stakeholders/higher-ups.

AI engineer – (Avg. Salary: £80,000 – £90,000)

AI engineers focus on developing and deploying AI and machine learning solutions to a variety of different scenarios. They work on designing and deploying AI algorithms, training models, and optimising performance. AI engineers also collaborate with data scientists and software engineers to integrate AI and machine learning capabilities into software systems.

Cybersecurity analyst – (Avg. Salary: £50,000 – £90,000+ depending on responsibilities)

Cybersecurity analysts protect organisations computer systems and networks from potential threats and breaches. They monitor for security incidents, analyse vulnerabilities, and implement security measures. Cybersecurity analysts also conduct risk assessment, develop incident response plans, and provide guidance on security practices for the company.

Cloud architect – (Avg. Salary: £60,000 – £120,000+ depending on scale)

Cloud architects specialise in designing, implementing, and managing Cloud-based solutions. They assess business requirements, select appropriate Cloud platforms (such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud), and design architectures that are scalable, secure, and cost-effective. Cloud architects also oversee migration projects and ensure proper integration of Cloud services.

Tech product manager (Avg. Salary: £80,000 – £120,000+ depending on scale)

Product managers in the tech industry are responsible for driving the development and success of software products. They collaborate with cross-functional teams, gather customer insights, define product roadmaps, prioritise features, and oversee the product development lifecycle. Product managers also work on market analysis, competitive research, and strategic planning.