IWD: Contributing and learning in STEM

First year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, Viktoria Adamyova has a continuous desire to contribute and learn within the industry.

Recalling a conversation with her peers at secondary school, Viktoria explained her interest in STEM came when she realised, she can combine theory and application in engineering: “The more I looked into it, I fell down the rabbit hole of engineering and it seemed like the career for me.”

Throughout her time at secondary school, Viktoria experienced lots of encouragement from those around her, including her family and her physics teacher.

“Being able to contribute to the progression of what we have achieved in engineering over the years makes me happy,” explained Viktoria.


“Nobody expects their degree to be easy,” Viktoria exclaimed. She explained how throughout her first year she has enjoyed being surrounded by likeminded people who understand the challenges that come from studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Joining the Solar Car project was undoubtedly the right choice for Viktoria to continue to develop her skills, including teamwork and learning as you go, and share passion with her teammates.

When the Solar Car project was introduced to Viktoria, she could sense her teammates passion which won her over, encouraging her to submit her application for the team.

Viktoria believes she already possess great teamworking skills: “I don’t mind working with almost anybody, so teamwork isn’t as much of an issue as I thought it would be. The ability to work with people well is one of my stronger suits.” Viktoria hopes to develop her ability to quickly grasp concepts as they come due to the rapid developing nature of engineering.

Key achievements

Throughout her education so far, three achievements stand out as being key milestones. The first is being accepted into her first-choice university, the University of Nottingham as well as excelling in her A level exams, despite having to complete them during a global pandemic.

Another key achievement is being part of the Solar Car project, sharing a passion for engineering with her teammates.

Women in STEM

There are many sponsorship and scholarship opportunities, exclusive to women which Viktoria believes is excellent for encouraging women of all backgrounds to join STEM subjects. The Women in STEM programme and Women’s Engineering Society are just two examples of projects to encourage greater diversity in STEM: “These little things are being done and the industry is slowly becoming more diverse.”

Viktoria hopes to continue her studies after her undergraduate degree and study towards a PhD.