An overview of pressure sensors

Pressure sensors are critical devices used in a wide range of applications and industries to measure the pressure of gases or liquids.

From medical equipment and automotive systems to HVAC units and more, pressure sensors are ubiquitous. While the basic principle of pressure sensors may seem straightforward (P=F/A), their design and implementation can be quite complex. With a variety of pressure measurement types and technologies, selecting the appropriate pressure sensor for a specific application requires careful consideration of the necessary specifications and ultimate design goals.

The CUI Insights blog post, “An Overview of Pressure Sensors” delves into the operational and design considerations of pressure sensors in greater depth. In addition to clarifying common naming confusion, the blog post explores the various types and technologies of pressure sensors, aiding in the proper selection of the most suitable device for your application. Join us as we explore the intricate world of pressure sensing technology and its myriad of applications!

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