4 eye care tips for engineering students

Eye health is crucial for performing various tasks as a student, but it can often be overlooked when you’re too fixated on finishing your work. In the digital age, vision problems have become rampant. A report by The Independent mentioned that around one-third of Brits noticed that their vision got worse since the pandemic, owing to increased screen time brought about by remote schooling and work. With the increased risks of incurring eye problems, it’s best to establish and maintain healthy practices to avoid compromising your vision.

Due to heavy workloads and deadlines in engineering courses, you may not always notice that you’re straining your eyes when accomplishing tasks. You might be exposing your eyes to harmful light during your photonics class, or they might feel strained from staring at your computer screen as you polish your programming codes. In these cases, it’s important to keep your vision healthy and well-protected to avoid problems like blurry vision or eye strain. Below are 4 eye care tips that you can try as an engineering student:

Take frequent screen breaks

Research published in The Open Ophthalmology Journal found that computer vision syndrome (CVS) was prevalent among engineering students. CVS refers to ocular problems caused by prolonged computer use, such as dry and itchy eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. Taking frequent screen breaks is essential for avoiding CVS, especially if you’re a computer engineering student who spends a significant amount of time in front of screens studying programming languages and database management. Make sure to rest your eyes regularly as you study to help them recharge. Try the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, turn your head away from your screen and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Get regular eye tests

Regular eye tests allow you to detect possible ocular conditions that need immediate treatment. This can be especially helpful for mechanical engineering students with lab courses on welding who may be exposed to optical radiation, which can lead to retinal injuries or even cataracts. An eye test also checks if you need vision correction and provides an expert analysis of your overall eye health. Vision Express offers an advanced eye test with their OCT 3D eye scan, UV protection and dry eye assessments, and personalised recommendations to help you take better care of your eyesight. Be sure to take an eye exam once every two years, as recommended by the National Health Service for those who are 16 years old and above.

Use eye drops

Dry eyes can get in the way of studying, especially when you need to be extra meticulous for your courses, such as an engineering drawing class. Use artificial tears or eye drops that provide moisture and relieve pain or irritation caused by dryness. You can try the Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops, which use natural plant extracts to soothe and hydrate your eyes when finishing schoolwork.

Engineering students participate in various activities that can harm the eyes – from welding and soldering to prolonged digital screen use. Avoid compromising your vision by following these tips that preserve your eye health and your future career.