University of Bath PhD student designs antenna array for locating GPS interference


Applications are being developed to locate the source of global positioning system (GPS) interference, but most require large systems with high power consumption.

Elizabeth Lloyd, a PhD student at University of Bath in the United Kingdom, designed a low-cost antenna array suited for locating RF interference emitters causing GPS interference. She chose NI AWR software for her design because it provides the AXIEM planar and Analys 3D finite-element method (FEM) electromagnetic (EM) simulators within the same environment, both of which were needed for her unique geometry of two planar antennas and a third 3D antenna in the same array.

“For my 3D antenna design, it was easy to see the entire antenna pattern with the Analyst 3D EM software viewer,” said Lloyd. “The viewer revealed problems that never would have been
noticed using just a 2D view. This allowed me to focus on the designs that showed promise, reducing the amount of testing required.”