UNiDAYS Student Woman of the Year 2024

UNiDAYS has named Salome Tirado Okeze as its Student Woman of the Year 2024 winner.

The 21-year-old University of Leeds Computer Science undergraduate was awarded the prize for her innovative work promoting Gen Z representation in mainstream media through her YouTube and podcast series, Tones: The Voice of Our Generation, which amplifies student voices.

The entries were shortlisted from almost two hundred female entrepreneurs who are all building on the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, inspiring inclusion and empowering their communities to overcome stereotypes and discrimination. Judging the shortlist were UNiDAYS’  Associate Art Director, Frances Brookes, Head of Brand & Social, Gemma Beresford, and Creative Services Manager, Zoe Lamb.

Standing out among the hundreds of applicants, Okeze, in her final year of a technology degree apprenticeship with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), was chosen for her exceptional work encouraging diverse and underrepresented young people to share their stories and get their voices heard by a wider audience.

“We were overwhelmed by the great work all of our applicants are undertaking,” said Tamara Castelli, COO at UNiDAYS. “Salome’s submission really shone through. She’s set up an exceptional platform that resonates with the work we do to support our Gen Z audience. Her vision, values, and creativity definitely justify Salome winning this award.”

The two runners-up of the UNiDAYS Student Woman of the Year 2024, Batul Chehab—the inventor of EchoAid, an NFC-powered app to aid medication use for visually and cognitively impaired people—and Aisia Lea—founder of Anatome, which diversifies imagery used in anatomical and medical studies—were also recognised for their achievements. Each received £1,000 to support their ongoing initiatives or invest in a cause they believe in.

Reflecting on her win, Okeze said, “I work tirelessly to ensure I and others achieve our dreams. The £10,000 prize will go a long way in funding more episodes of Tones. It will also enable me to stage a live event where students can come together and share their stories. It will be another platform where we can showcase the talents and further amplify the voices of Gen Z”.