TUM funds new Munich Data Science Institute

TUM funds new Munich Data Science Institute

Data Sciences have the potential to fundamentally change research and innovation. The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is consolidating its relevant expertise at the recently founded Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI) in order to use advanced theory and multidisciplinary, data-driven research to facilitate quantum leaps in innovation with major scientific, economic and societal significance. The scope of MDSI activities will cover TUM’s wide spectrum of academic subjects, which is unique throughout Europe.

In concert with the volatile development of high-performance computing technologies, breathtaking advances in data analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have triggered a paradigm shift in research by facilitating the convergence of theory and experimentation as the classical paths to cognitive insights. In the future, modern Data Sciences also promise to validate models and hypotheses in highly complex research domains, for example regarding the explanation of global developments, making reliable predictions and in optimizing materials, technologies and processes.Building on its first-rate international reputation in Informatics and AI research, TUM is now consolidating data-based research activities previously distributed across several sites at a single location in the newly founded Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI) at the TUM Garching campus.

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Source: “TUM founds leading center for integrated Data Sciences and Machine Learning”, Technical University of Munich