The Open University to host AI in Education Conference

The Open University (OU) is set to host the annual AI in Education conference at its Milton Keynes campus on Monday, 24th June.

This event will bring together experts in artificial intelligence (AI) to discuss the current challenges in education and explore how AI can drive positive changes in the sector.

AI in Education is a collaborative initiative focused on integrating AI technologies to enhance educational outcomes. Their aim is to address educational challenges by using AI to support teachers, personalise learning experiences for students, and improve overall educational efficiency and effectiveness.

The conference will feature four keynote presentations, each addressing different aspects of AI in education and its potential to overcome existing challenges:

  1. Dr Aisling Third, a Research Fellow at The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute, will deliver a keynote on supporting students and teachers with responsible Artificial Intelligence
  2. Professor Rose Luckin, Emeritus at University College London and founder and CEO of Educate Ventures Research Limited, will discuss AI in the classroom, empowering teachers, and enhancing student learning
  3. Professor Ian Dunn, Chief Academic Officer at Coventry University Group, will speak about personalising the student journey
  4. Scott Hayden, Head of Teaching, Learning, and Digital at Basingstoke College of Technology, will address AI-driven improvements in teaching, learning, and student outcomes, as well as digital wellbeing

This will be the second AI in Education conference, aiming to encourage discussions and collaborations that pave the way for innovative AI-driven solutions in education.

To attend the conference, either virtually or in-person, register here: