Researchers from Ontario Tech University discussed latest AI developments

Researchers discussed latest AI developments

For decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has been depicted in popular culture, literature and film as a concept for a future generation. Fictional AI characters such as the HAL 9000 computer in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey helped entrench AI in the public conscience.

As the computer system aboard a spacecraft, the HAL 9000 was capable of mimicking cognitive functions of the human mind, including language processing, interpreting emotional behaviour, reasoning, lip reading and more.

But well into the 21st century, the future has long arrived. What was once fiction is quickly becoming a facet of everyday life. AI has asserted a rapidly growing presence in society, with applications in industries ranging from manufacturing to education. AI has the potential to revolutionise how the everyday world works.

As part of Ontario Tech University’s commitment toward improving lives through the application of technology, Ontario Tech researchers explore how AI influences digital security, gaming, health care and our online social connections, among many other disciplines. On Wednesday, November 13, Ontario Tech’s Faculty of Business and Information Technology will host free public lectures and an expert panel to discuss real-life AI examples during AI and the Everyday Life, an event to highlight how AI can support your business and personal life.

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